Meeting Basic and Emergency Needs

Vision: Everyone will have the basic necessities of food, shelter, and support during emergencies.
Desired Outcomes:

•Community Members will have access to wholesome and nutritious foods to meet their basic needs from emergency sources

•People will have access to safe and affordable housing and if needed emergency shelter and services

•Families and individuals will have increased financial stability through access to budget counseling and utilizing community based and  government financial assistance programs

•Communities will understand how to recognize and prevent abuse so incidents of violence will be reduced

•Resource and emergency information is readily accessible through the United Way 2- 1-1 and other local sources

Strengthening Children and Families

Vision: All children in our area will have the necessary physical, mental, emotional, and social development to successfully grow and learn.
Desired Outcomes:

•Parents and caregivers will have knowledge and training and use those skills to provide children with safe, stable and supportive environments

•Parents and children will have opportunities for group interaction, research and evidence based education and support

•Communities will understand the importance of quality early childhood development programs and work to strengthen services

•Parents and caregivers will be aware of community resources and have the information ready to access them

•All children will receive age appropriate developmental screening to identify possible delay and provide parents with referrals  to information services and resources

Promoting Health and Independence

Vision: Communities are healthy and senior citizens and persons with disabling conditions remain independent.
Desired Outcomes:

•Low income individuals will have access to basic medical care

•Senior citizens and persons with disabilities will receive the support needed to remain in their homes and to participate in community life

•Children, youth and adults will understand and choose healthy lifestyles

•Informational caregivers are trained and supported so that they can provide adequate care

•Community members will be educated on the dangers of engaging in risk behaviors including alcohol and drug abuse, domestic  and family violence, tobacco use and sexual assault and providing programs to help victims of those behaviors

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